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  • Healing Sessions and Coaching

    People come to my consulting office with different physical and emotional problems, sometimes after a long and painful pathway on which they still haven't found help through common healing methods.

    As I also work as a life counsellor (coach) I accompany and support people in a variety of very different life situations. I am, for example, visited because of problems with relationships, weight problems, bullying, lack of motivation or the loss of a loved one. I also help spiritually interested people in their own development. Above all, it is in my heart to discover, with the client, the cause of the actual situation. These are mostly anchored in the sub-conscious because of wrong thought and belief patterns (mostly from childhood), trauma, guilt, resentment, lack of self-confidence etc. So you could say I am training or coaching people not only how to stimulate their own self-healing power with conscious thought-control but also leading a more positive and efficient life. Every single person was born with this enormous potential. The time has come for us to remember this and to recognise ourselves.

    All that we are experiencing in the outside is the mirror of our inner self. What we experience physically nearly always has it´s cause in the soul/spiritual level. The body is the mouthpiece of our soul. I would also gladly help you to understand the language of your soul, to develop your own potential and show you new ways.

    All life is based upon the so-called cosmic/universal laws. If we are living in balance with them, integrating our consciousness more in our daily life and paying more loving attention to our physical body, then we have the key to a happy and healthy life.

    Summing up, my assistance contains, among other things:

    • The transfer of healing energy through hand-on methods and prayer healing.
    • The activation of the self-healing power on an energetic level.
    • Aura Reading
    • Training of the consciousness, showing how to resolve old patterns and inner limitations as well as strengthening self-confidence.
    • Awareness of the body/soul relationship.
    • Mental training.
    • Refurbishment of dreams and working on their symbols.
    • Grief counseling.
    • Lectures and courses.

    Consultations are by appointment only.