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    Energetic healing (also known as spiritual healing) has been done in all cultures for thousands of years. Representations of hand-on healing have even been found in stone age cave paintings. In former times man lived in harmony with nature and recognised the divine and the spirit world. With the beginning of modern science the belief in the divine/universal power diminished and man not only distanced himself from nature but, especially, from his own inner being - his own divine origin. Because spirit and soul are not material and therefore difficult to define they became less and less significant and so, today, man is mainly reduced to his mechanical and bio-chemical functions. However, a human being is a complex system of energetic structures. Throughout his body are flowing so-called "energetic streams". When these streams are out of balance it can lead to energetic disharmony in certain areas of the body which, in turn, can lead to ill-health. Through spiritual healing the energy stream can be re-activated and harmonised once more.